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Manifesto for Academic Identity

Posted in General on December 9, 2011 by djtheduchess



1. Be suspicious of simplicity.

2. Identity work is ongoing work – always and necessarily unfinalisable.

3. Identity is semi-permeable.

4. In universities there exists a will to monologise.

5. In the university our encratic language is critical language and we have been apprehended by it.

6. Some pedagogic sites need heat adding some need cooling down. Make sure you have methods for both.

7. In collaborative and heteroglossic spaces students can look like academics, academics can look like students.

8. Authentic listening is vital.

9. Pedagogy is a state of encounter.

10. Beyondness is about academic identity development it is characterised by exchange.

11. In the mist making and writing become intertwined; diagrams become drawings.

12. Drawings > Diagrams.

13.. Praxis can generate knowledge.

14. Unlimited potential is risk exhausting and is generative of even more potential.

15. Risk + trust = potential. This is the pedagogy of potentiality.

16. Fail better.