Academic CV



Research Interests

Festival Performance

Disciplinary Pedagogy

Practice as Research

Academic Identity Construction

Current Role


Head of School Art, Architecture and Design

University Teacher Fellow

Project Sponsor/ Director of the Festival Republic partnership

Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology

Leeds Metropolitan University, UK



Appointment History


2010-2011           Subject Group Leader in Film, TV and Performing Arts

2004-2010           Senior Lecturer in Creativity, Enterprise and Engagement

Leeds Metropolitan University

2002-2007           Lead Tutor – PGCE  Summer School

Huddersfield University

2001-2006           Lecturer – Painting/Studio Tutor BA Fine Art / Art and Design & MA Printmaking.

Bradford College

2002-2003                   Lecturer – Studio Practice BA Art and Design

York St. John College

2000-2002           Lecturer – Critical Studies – BA Fine Art

Leeds Metropolitan University

1999- 2002          Lecturer – Module Leader – BA Fine Art

Leeds College of Art and Design

1999 –2001                   Course Leader – Access

Leeds College of Art and Design

1997 – 1999                   Lecturer – Contextual Studies

Leeds College of Art and Design.

1997                     Associate Tutor

Tomorrow’s Peoples Trust, Brighton

1995 – 1997                   Lecturer / Tutor – Art, History of Art & Maths

Bartholomew’s Tutorial College, Brighton

External Examiner Positions


2007-2010  Access to HE in Art and Design

Leeds College of Art and Design

2008–date FdA Performing Arts

Farnborough College of Technology

2010-date   Chief Examiner, BA Contextual Studies

Plymouth College of Art and Design

Board Membership

2011-                               Wombeatz management committee

2009 – date                    Leeds Music Trust

2006-8                          Dialogue Journal Editorial Board


Research Funding


2010 -2011          AHRC Small Grant – Environments for Encounter (Co-I)

2008-10      AHRC funded research network – Festival Performance as a State of Encounter (Co-I)

Other Funded Projects

2010           HEFCE Microstudy on interactions between HE and business/community

2009           ECIF Funding for Creative Enterprise student bursaries

2008           WYLLN Funding for Creative Enterprise case studies

2007-10      University student engagement project funding

2004           HEFCE/Writing PAD funding for pedagogic research


Peer Reviewed Publications

Under Consideration

Kill, R (2011) A Narrative: Failing to get to Grips with Academic Identity – currently being considered by iJade, ADC in HE also interested

Kill, R and O’Grady, A (2011) Exploring Festival Performance as a State of Encounter – currently being considered by Creative Industries Journal (Intellect)



Kill, R, McDonnell, K and Thorne, M. (2010) Performance Matters When you’re Playing the Professional in Staff-Student Partnerships in HE, Continuum

Kill, R (2008) Cacophony, curriculum and creole: interdisciplinarity as an evolutionary apparatus in Art and Design Higher Education, CLTAD publication

Kill, R (2006)Coming in From the Cold: Imperialist Legacies and Tactical Criticalities, iJade vol. 25

Kill, R (2006) Coldstream, Coercion and Curricular Contradictions: Re-visioning Writing in Art and Design Higher Education, CLTAD publication


Publications including: textbook, commissioned writing, online publications, podcast, THES, zine articles, book reviews.


Kill, R and O’Rourke, K eds. (2011) Inspiring Enterprise. Leeds Met Press.

Kill, R (2011) Creative Enterprise in Kill, R and O’Rourke, K eds. (2011) Inspiring Enterprise. Leeds Met Press.

Kill, R (2011) Socialist Jukebox, ESA Publications, Leeds

Kill, R and Taylor, L (2009) Introduction to the Film Industry, Introduction to Entertainment Management (ed. Stuart Moss) CABI (textbook)

Kill, R (2008) Clubbing Together, THES, 9/10/08, p28

Kill, R (2008) Mapping the Case for a Permacultural Provision in the Faculty of Arts andSociety or What is Creative Enterprise?, Incubator Journal, Issue 3

Kill, R (2007) Joining the Dots, Contemplating Cool: Art, Music, Event, Dialogue, Issue 7

Bayliss, A and Kill, R (2007) Clubbing the Curriculum: Exploring the Interface between the University and the Non-Traditional Performance Site. – podcast, for Dialogue, Issue 7

Kill, R (2007) Cumulonimbus Crowds and Pollution at Nastyfest.- commissioned by ArtGoesPop

Kill, R (2007) From Kelly’s Eye to Top of the Shop: Ghostly Chorasters and Social Songs  – commissioned by ESA

Kill, R (2007) Skirting Around Situation Leeds: Eavesdroppings from the Edge

-commissioned by Situation Leeds

Kill, R (2007) Conflict of Interest: A Difficult Situation – commissioned by Static, Liverpool

Kill, R (2006) Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, Leeds Met Fine Art Catalogue

Kill, R (2006) writing as Typhoid Mary, Strychnine Lounge: the Renaissance, in Poison Pen Vol 1

Kill, R (2006)Innovative Assessment in Higher Education, Cordelia Bryan and Karen Clegg (eds.), ADCHE 5.2

Kill, R (2006) writing as Electrik Laydee, What the Hell is Electro Anyway?, in Poison Pen, Vol 1

Kill, R. (2005), Unframed: Practices and Politics of Women’s Contemporary Painting. The Art Book, 12: 33–34.

Kill, R (2005) Avant La Lettre: Leeds’ Indie Publishing History, in No Quarter Magazine

Kill, R. (2005), Review: Deborah J. Haynes, Art Lessons: Meditations on a Creative Life. The Art Book, 12: 44

Kill, R (2004) Thinking about Writing, WPAD website






Invited and Keynote


Kill, R (2010) Practice, Research, Language, A Space For Assessment Symposium,ADMHEA, Kingston University

Kill, R (2008) Towards a Permacultural Provision: Cultural Partnerships, Creative Enterprise and Curriculum, Newport, University of Wales

Kill, R (2007) Taking a Second Look: Practice as Research Belfast Queen’s University

Conference Papers and Directorship


Kill, R & O’Grady, A (2011) Environments for Encounter and the Processes of Organising for Interactivity and Performative Participation Within the Festival Space,  The 2nd Workshop on Imagining Business, Segovia, Spain

Kill, R (2010) Academic Identity Construction in a Blurry University, CLTAD Conference, Berlin

Kill, R (2009) Post Punk, Obsession and a Schizophrenic Turn Post-Punk Performance: the alternative 80s in Britain Conference, Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds

Kill, R and Bray, O (2009) My First, My Last My Everything: One Year Top Up degrees, European First Year Learning Experience, Groningen, Holland.

Kill, R and Bayliss, A (2009) Festival Performance as a State of Encounter, IFCE, Orlando, Florida

Kill, R, McDonnell, K and Thorne, M (2008) Tangier is Full of Ghosts, Performing Tangier Conference, Tangier, Morocco, performative paper

Kill, R (2008) Cacophony, Curriculum and Creole: Interdisciplinarity as an Evolutionary Apparatus, CLTAD , New York

2007 Digital Live Art: Bad Girls, Gadgets and Guerilla Performances – Co-director

Kill, R (2006) Travelling, Tinkering and Making the Kinds of Meaning We Really Want to Mea, Goldsmiths College, Sept 2006.

Kill, R (2005) Imperialist Legacy or Academic Strategy? Resistance to writing in undergraduate art education at Discourse Power Resistance at Plymouth University

Kill, R (2005) Coming in From the Cold: Imperialist Legacies and Tactical Criticalities, Victoria University, Canada

Kill, R (2004) The Axis of the Personal: Sickness, Slippage and Anabolic Forms in the work of Gillian Wearing at the AAH Conference in Nottingham

Kill, R (2004) Thinking About Writing – at MMU Writing PAD Symposium (as published on Writing PAD website)

Kill, R, Conlan, A & Hackett, N (2002) Feminist Pedagogies and Academias, Third Wave Feminism Conference, University of Plymouth




Selected Practice Based Research


Kill, R (2011) Schizophrenic Jukebox, performance lecture at East Street Arts

Kill, R and Urban Angels (2010 – 11) The Heavenly Court of Madame Fantaististe, touring – UK and Europe

Kill, R and Herod, A (2009) Hugin and Munin, The Faversham, Leeds

Kill, R and Herod, A (2009) Weimar Cabaret, The Faversham, Leeds

Kill, R (2008) Piggy Antoinette’s Porktacular from Pigalle, Leeds Metropolitan University

Kill, R (2008) Talent, with Institute for Crazy Dancing, Wakefield Theatre, Wakefield

Kill, R (2008) Socialist Jukebox, East Street Arts, Leeds

Kill, R (2008) My Name is Bill and I’m a Headcase, Gatecrasher, Leeds

Kill, R.(2007) 24/7, 24 hour durational performance, 42 New Briggate Gallery, Leeds

Kill, R., McDonnell, K. & Thorne, M. (2007) Leeds Festival, Performance, Leeds

Kill, R., McDonnell, K. & Thorne, M. (2007) Speed Queen, Performance, Leeds

Kill, R (2002-6) Are You a Feminist? Shown, 2005 Hybrida, Bradford, Cartwright Hall and in the Brno, Cheq Republic.

Kill, R (2004) In Circulation, solo painting show, Archipelago Gallery, Sheffield



I have worked as DJ for approximately 20 years. During this time I have done avant garde gallery gigs, student and charity fundraisers, major events and held residencies in small bars and large commercial nightclubs (the biggest was Speedqueen for 3 years – capacity of 1100). Much of my creative practice, community engagement and festivals work and some of my curriculum development work is built on the knowledge, skills and music industry credibility acquired in this parallel career.

Curriculum Development

British Council/Creative Industries Development Agency – Creative Lives project for Nigeria

MA Creative Enterprise

BA (hons.) Art, Event, Performance

BA (hons.) Contemporary Performance Practices

MA Performance Works

BA(hons.) Entertainment Management – Managing Nightclub Entertainment.


Engagement and Partnership Projects


2010 – date  East Street Arts partnership

2007- date Festival Republic Partnership

2007- date  Multiple small arts partnerships and consultancies

2007-11      Student Engagement Projects (funded internally)


Social Media Rankings

Twitter (14/4/11) Followers 901, Following 906, Listed 41, Influence #academic 82nd – worldwide on Wefollow

Active on Facebook and LinkedIn

Blog available at Site stats: 726 views in the last quarter

Broadcast Media and Produced Youtube

2011 Look North interview on Leeds Metropolitan Engagement with Frankenstein’s Wedding

2011 Rebekka Kill on Collaboration at Experience Leeds 4

2010 Beyond Text – Exploring Festival Performance as a “State of Encounter”

2006 (first shown) Power to the People: The A-Z of Protest (I for Iconography) available at


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